Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Summer bridge is not the end; it truly is only the beginning of the UTOP experience!

UTOP continues to support the academic, leadership, professional and social development of students through dedicated programming for each class throughout their time at UNC Charlotte.

Year 1:

  • UTOP First-Year Seminar
  • Required Secondary Academic Advising (Fall/Spring)
  • Collaborative programming and workshop series with Student Advising for Freshman Excellence (SAFE)
  • Academic support and wellness workshops
  • Leadership development
  • Major and career exploration
  • Financial Aid / Scholarship Sessions
  • Semester community service projects
  • Syllabus review night (Fall/Spring)
  • Monthly CAFE meetups

Year 2:

  • Secondary Academic Advising (optional)*
  • Continued career exploration and professional development
  • Leadership development
  • Financial literacy
  • Financial Aid / Scholarship Sessions
  • Year 2 Day of Service (Community Service)
  • Halfway there Celebration
  • UTOP Retreat (with former mentors, alumni, staff and community partners)
  • UTOP Street Team

HYPE (Helping You Pursue Excellence) Conference

The HYPE Conference, while open to all students, primarily supports 2nd year students at UNC Charlotte from underrepresented populations in the development of knowledge and skills geared towards professional development, leadership development, and career readiness.

Year 3/Year 4:

  • Secondary Academic Advising (optional)*
  • Internship and job exploration
  • Research opportunities
  • Graduate School testing and preparation
  • Professional development
  • Volunteer opportunites with the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion (OADI)
  • Year 2 Peer Mentoring (Propel Mentoring Program)
  • UTOP Street Team (Year 3)
  • Graduation Stole (Awarded upon graduation if a student has remained activley engaged in UTOP programming and services)

*Secondary academic advising is only optional if a student has not been placed in the PROPEL mentoring program due to academic deficiencies.

All Classes:

  • Weekly study hall (3 days a week) with free tutoring
  • Weekly passive programming
  • Wake Up Wednesday (9:00am - 12:00pm; Colvard 2400)
  • UTOP Podcast
  • Social media engagement
  • Group and peer advising
  • Community service events
    • UTOP Adopt-a-Street (Fall semester)
  • UTOP Reunited (Spring semester reunion event)
  • Other social programming
  • Homecoming event
  • UTOP Week (Spring semester)
  • Nudge emails, notification of campus events, programs, services and opportunities