UTOP Online


UTOP Online has been developed to achieve many of the goals of the traditional, in-person delivery of the University Transition Opportunities Program. UTOP Online will be delivered completely online; targeted for students who cannot commit to being on campus for the duration of the traditional delivery of the program or for students uncomfortable coming to campus early due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UTOP Online participants will enroll in 4-8 credit hours during the second half summer term; all participants will be required to register in the one-credit hour, UTOP section of University College (UCOL) 1000 - College Transition First-Year course. The course will include information on on-campus resources, financial literacy, academic skill-building, and diversity peer education modules with graded assignments. Attendance and participation in individual and small group meetings with assigned mentors will count towards the course grade. An academic advising session is required with the UTOP Program Director prior to registration for UTOP courses.; synchronous and asynchronous options available.

Financial Assistance
Students participating in UTOP Online are also eligible for the financial assistance made available to traditional UTOP students.

UTOP Online participants are required to pay a participant fee of $150. If a participant pays the participant fee for traditional UTOP and makes a request to switch to UTOP Online, $100 will be refunded from the $250 paid for traditional UTOP participation.

Deadline to switch UTOP delivery: Friday, June 25, 2021