UTOP Major Tracks

Increasingly, more students are taking Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual-enrollment courses and obtaining college credit, sometimes even satisfying all general education requirements, prior to beginning their first semester as a college student.

In response, working with campus partners, UTOP will begin to offer Major tracks for students who have already obtained credit for the general education courses traditionally offered by the program.

Current UTOP Major Track cohort planned for Summer 2021:

Belk College of Business Majors

  • Management Information Systems (INFO) 2130: Introduction to Business Computing; 3 credit hours
  • Mathematics (MATH) 1100: College Algebra, 1103: Precalculus Mathematics for Science and Engineering, or 1241: Calculus I; 3 credit hours

UTOP Engage! (William States Lee College of Engineering Majors)

  • Course #1 to be determined
  • Mathematics (MATH) 1103: Precalculus Mathematics for Science and Engineering, or 1241: Calculus I; 3 credit hours

UTOP TEACH (Cato College of Education Majors)

  • Education (EDUC) 2100: Foundation of Education and Diversity in Schools; 3 credit hours
  • Special Education (SPED) 2100: Introduction to Students with Special Needs; 3 credit hours
  • Education (EDUC) 1000: Topics in Education: History and Psychology of Race and Racism in Education; 1 credit hour

UTOP TECH (College of Computing and Informatics Majors)

  • Computing and Informatics (ITIS) 1212: Introduction to Computer Science I; 4 credit hours
  • Mathematics (MATH) 1241: Calculus I or Liberal Studies (LBST) 2213: Science, Technology & Society; 3 credit hours

As tracks as added, information will be added to this page.

More information about current established tracks coming soon. Please direct any questions about major tracks to ExperienceUTOP@uncc.edu.